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China toad clothing network Zhang Lin jiang Listen to toad dress patent said toad The northern toad clothing Toad clothing collector zhejiang toad toad clothing Toad clothing network Toad clothing English websites The southern toad toad clothing Toad breeding net The toad clothing NaFangChan garments The toad clothing English network Toad strip video China toad net Toad breeding base Haining leading cabinet amphibious reptiles research institute was founded in 1983, the existing 53 mu base, breeding of toad millions at home and abroad. In recent years, breeding toad every year more than 100 100, toad clothing production more than two hundred thousand copies.

Two live reptiles papers published more than 1200.

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Toad clothing collector patent certificate

Toad clothing collector patent certificate

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Acquisition of toad clothing price increase notice

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For natural toads clothing supply gap is big, tight, this since March 15, 2015, the toad garment price, from 1.5 to 32000 yuan a kilogram, up to 1.6 to 32000 yuan a kilogram (about) between each toad clothing 2.510 yuan. GongYingJia for 240000 yuan per kilogram (about every toad clothing 312 yuan) or. As a small mail order, each time to speed up the handing fee is 20 yuan.The other discussion. And for all cash transactions. Send profile data and text messages, such as no more change to new price today, inconsistent with this circular, shall be in accordance with the present Japanese inform price shall prevail.

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Haining leading cabinet 2 institute of reptiles

On March 10, 2015

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